Boy Scouts of America

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 146, chartered since 1936 in Bandera, TX. Bandera Methodist Church members have a long history of being involved with our scout troop. People such as Russell L. Zickler (1950’s – 1960’s), Jeffery Zickler and Russell Zickler (1960’s – 1970’s), John and Judy Goodenough (1960’s – 1980’s), Scooter Fries (1970’s), Glen Ingram (1990”s -2000’s), Conrad Nightingale (1990’s -2000’s), Rev. Dennis Thompson (1990’s -2000’s), to name a few. Having the support from Bandera MC over the years has been a blessing to Troop 146.

Troop 146

Boy Scout Troop 146 is an environment where we strive to instill good ethics, morals and scouting skills into our scouts to prepare them to make ethical and responsible choices over their lifetime. Our troop is a safe zone, free from bullying, discrimination, personal and political agendas. We stay active serving in our community by participating in flag ceremonies for the American Legion and Veteran’s groups, building wheel chair ramps with men from our church for those in need and any other project our church and community asks of us.

Troop 146 meets every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, we go on campouts every month and to summer camp every summer. We have outstanding adult leadership to support our scouts, always striving to help our scouts to gain confidence in themselves to reach their full potential and goals and …… we have a lot of fun.